Optical Communication Pioneering

Padtec is a global manufacturer and solutions provider of turnkey optical solutions. The company offers products that span from corporate access, data center interconnection, long-haul terrestrial backbone to complete submarine multi-terabit solutions.

Padtec enables customers worldwide and is the first and largest Latin American manufacturer of optical networking equipment, headquartered in Sao Paulo, Brazil. With a strong focus on research and development, Padtec create custom solutions for global networks leveraging pioneering technology and robust mission critical support.


Our Vision, Mission and Values



Provide to the global market, in an agile and flexible manner, solutions, equipment and communication systems which explore the optical layer potentialities.


To be a world leader in the provision of solutions which contribute to the advance of optical communications.


Since Padtec’s foundation, our values have led our company to establish and solidify a bedrock which supports relationships with customers, business partners, shareholders, the community at large and employees, in a promising and healthy environment wherever Padtec has business activities.

Having been founded in an innovative and creative environment, Padtec believes in the benefits technology and telecommunications bring to people, businesses, and public agencies. With full confidence in the transforming power of technology and in the integrative character of telecommunications, Padtec seeks, through intensive research and development, to provide innovative products and solutions, contributing to a more competitive market in the present and serving in the creation of telecommunications of the future.

Padtec believes corporative independence and freedom are fundamental values which enable us to be and to act as an agile, innovative, flexible and responsible company. We defend and spread our agility and independence among our business partners, customers and employees.

Padtec understands that each customer’s challenges are different. Flexibility is an important differential Padtec offers the market. As much as innovation, the creative character of our employees is strongly encouraged in order to offer more flexible products and solutions to fit each of our customers’ needs.

Since its foundation, Padtec values its image as an ethical and responsible company. Our customers’ trust in our services and products is fundamental to our business sustainability.

Respect towards customers, shareholders, suppliers, employees and the environment is considered a key element for the excellence of our products. To understand customers and their diversity, to establish transparent communication channels and to facilitate the continuity of their businesses are some procedures Padtec understands as fundamental to succeed in the market.

Committed to excellence in providing high quality products, Padtec is daily dedicated to create new solutions and develop state-of-the-art technology to meet market needs and telecom industry trends. It is with great determination and seriousness that we seek to achieve our goals and satisfaction of our customers.

Partners and Associates

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