Sobre a Padtec



Respect for the environment is one of our key values. Padtec is a company that expresses social responsibility in its attitudes.

We believe that by introducing small habits in the daily routines of employees – such as eliminating waste of any kind and preserving nature –  the ideal to preserve and respect the environment spreads faster.

By adopting these habits, there is an enhancement in quality of life inside and outside the company. Others also notice these results, thus transforming our employees into multiplier agents in their social circles. It is part of our culture to practice actions that result in the preservation of the environment.

Padtec’s Environment Committee aims to broaden our present proposal to take care of nature by  providing our employees with information on the importance of preserving the environment.



What is the Environment Committee?

The Environment Committee is a voluntary group formed by a team of employees that promotes awareness within our organization and plans employee activities to support environment preservation.

According to the activities proposed by the Environment Committee, Padtec’s initiatives include:

  • Environmental education: information spread by bulletins, banners and message boards on the intranet and by e-mail
  • Recycled material: use of recycled paper in daily administrative activities (office paper, envelopes, notepads)
  • Internal recycling: Separation of recyclables (paper, plastic, metal and glass), scrap and batteries and dispatching them to proper locations
  • Minimize the use of disposable cups with the implementation of reusable cups
  • Use of reforested wood containers to transport products
  • Use of recyclable cardboard boxes to transport equipment and products
  • Encourage employees to participate in environmental activities in their communities


Padtec participates in one of the most important awards related to the environment in the business segment. The Eco Award from the American Chamber of Commerce is awarded once per year to businesses that are the most concerned with the environment. Padtec seeks everybody’s collaboration in the development of our environment awareness project, so as to successfully compete head-to-head with other large companies.

Corporate Policy

  • Promote the use of products that have a minimum impact on the environment
  • Conserve natural resources by reusing, recycling and by other known methods
  • Always preserve natural resources when possible in proactive activities
  • Develop programs directed to employees regarding nature awareness and resource preservation