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Padtec and University of Ceara inaugurate optical networks laboratory

Partnership for the construction of the first laboratory of high-speed networks in universities, in the north and northeast, reinforces the Padtec’s position as a national high-tech company that invests in Brazilian research and development.

The Federal University of Ceará (UFC), in partnership with Padtec – one of the world’s leaders in optical communications systems – has just inaugurated its laboratory of High Capacity Networks for training and technological training of students in optical networks Telecommunications. The goal is to broaden students’ practical experience at the university and at the same time foster entrepreneurship.

Located on the campus of Quixadá, the new laboratory has equipment from Padtec – among them, optical amplifiers and 10 Gb / s transponders of the new generation of compact 4U products and a development bench with open boards. “With this partnership, Padtec hopes to contribute to the professional future of university students, who will have the opportunity to be in contact with the most innovative in optical telecommunications network equipment”, said Manuel Andrade, Padtec’s CEO. “In addition to expanding the training of specialized human resources, this partnership puts Padtec as a disseminator of knowledge in the high technology area and strengthens its position of reference among future professionals in the sector”, he adds.

In the space will be developed activities of teaching and research in optical systems with DWDM (Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing) technology for the students from the course of Computer Networks. In it, students will learn from applying tests on different types of networks – such as the VPN (Virtual Private Network) – the maintenance, configuration and management of high-speed networks.

“The partnership with Padtec brings the latest in optical communications technology to the UFC, providing students with real-world experience with systems identical to those used commercially, which will result in a better qualification and performance of that student in the work market, “says Davi Romero de Vasconcelos, director of the Federal University of Ceará in Quixadá. “With this, we hope to contribute also to these future professionals to act in an active way for the success of the telecommunications industry,” he adds.

About Padtec

Padtec is a global manufacturer and solutions provider of turnkey optical solutions. The company offers products that span from corporate access, data center interconnection, long-haul terrestrial backbone to complete submarine multi-terabit solutions. Padtec enables customers worldwide and is the premier and largest Latin American manufacturer of optical networking equipment, headquartered in Sao Paulo, Brazil. With a strong focus on research and development, Padtec create custom solutions for global networks leveraging pioneering technology and robust mission critical support.