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Padtec is Rede Globo technological partner for 8K new technology demonstration

The optical solution provided by Padtec will connect and Museu do Amanhã (Museum of Tomorrow) in Rio de Janeiro, for the first 8K resolution live transmission open to public in Brazil, between august 5th-21th.

Aiming to demonstrate the technological evolution of Ultra High Definition (UHD) imagens, Rede Globo, the largest media group in Brazil, carries out this month the first 8K live transmissions open to public – providing up to 16 times more resolution than commercial High Definition TVs (HDTV) and anticipating future trends. The Multi-gigabit transmission capacity optical system, design and provided by Padtec, will connect’s datacenter to Museu do Amanhã, enabling the technology demonstration for thousands of Brazilians and tourist who visit the museum and inspiring new paths for the evolution of free broadcast television by means of a unique experience of sound and image quality.

The project includes provisions of Padtec’s LightPad platform, which allows aggregating several client signals in a single optical fiber by means of Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) technology. “LightPad platform was selected for this project because it has support for specific high-resolution video protocols with high transmission capacity. We bring into play our know-how to evaluate the project requirements and proposing the most appropriate technical alternative”, says Argemiro Souza, business Director of Padtec. “This partnership reinforces Padtec commitment in providing innovative solutions which allow delivering services with the flexibility requested by the market”, he adds.

Employing its team of professional services – which has ample historical operations at major events hosted in the country – Padtec will also be the services arm responsible for implementing the solution into Rede Globo site and for the operation and maintenance of the network during the event. “The Padtec complete solution – which involves everything from system planning to installation and commissioning – adds greater solidity to the company, which currently has a service structure with more than 40 points of presence spread across all regions of Brazil, and has highly qualified professionals and the latest equipment, ” adds Argemiro.