LightPad OTS

LightPad OTS-12 Platform

The LightPad OTS platform is a Padtec's P-OTS solution capable of selectively transporting traffic flows in optical networks. Based on agnostic switching that operates in sublambda levels, the solution allows aggregation and traffic consolidation of OTN hierarchies and data packets. The use of this platform, which integrates DWDM transmission interfaces, enhances the operation and intelligence of optical networks, with lower investment in network elements and providinding different levels of services reliability in transmission through new protection architectures and traffic restoration. The Padtec solution has different capabilities and different models of linecards.

• Switching of different types of traffic through agnostic matrixes
• Granularity and efficiency in traffic occupation in DWDM channels
• Automatic mechanisms for protection and electronic traffic restoration
• Investment reduction in network elements and routers ports

• 21U height
• OTN switching with ODU0 granularity
• Backplane ready for up to 480G per slot
• Total capacity of 5.76 Tbit / s
• Protection Management in the Control Plan
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Line Cards - L2XC-A

12x Interfaces SFP+
1x Interface CFP 100G

Control Cards

Controlling Card
Supervision and provisioning

Switching Card
Agnostic matrix

Timing Card

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