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LightPad Submarine

Submarine Solution

Aligned with the latest trends on optical technology for submarine networks, Padtec's solution comprises not only transmission equipment based on LightPad Platform’s DWDM technology, but also full support from the project stage to the deployment of submarine cables.

• High capacity SLTE (Submarine Line Terminal Equipment);
• Submarine Optical Cables;
• Branching Units;
• Optical Amplifiers (OSLA – Optical Submarine Line Amplifier);
• Full instalation services and O&M;
• PFE - Power Feeding Equipment;
• C-OTDR (Coherent OTDR for optical cable tracking).

O&M Services
• Own Operations Base
• Specialized Ship
• Qualified Technical Team
• Spare Materials
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OSLA - Optical Submarine Line Amplifier

OSLA - Optical Submarine Line Amplifier


12 EDFAs amplifiers


Up to 8,000 m
Lifetime: 25 years

Articulated mechanical

Joints that optimize the repeater launch and accommodation on the seabed


It operates 6 fiber pairs and submarine cables of several types and different depths




Coherent OTDR
for continuous monitoring of the submarine cable and amplifiers


Power equipment with redundancy and continuous reporting of measures


Integrated management system with intuitive interface

Submarine Repeater

Engineered through great efforts in R&D, Padtec's advanced submarine solution is extremely reliable and recognized by its excellence and performance.

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Repeater Sea Trial

Curaçau, 2013

Transmission with no boundaries

Sea Trial

Padtec’s submarine repeater Sea Trial was held in April 2014, in the Caribbean Sea. Two tests with two repeaters at different depths were performed. The shallow water test was performed with burial of the repeater in the bed of the ocean at 100 m depth, while in the deep water test the repeater reached 6328 m depth. During launching, burial and recovering of the repeaters in both tests, real DWDM traffic was passing through each fiber of the submarine cable.


Clique here to watch the Sea Trial video.