When a new optical network is being designed, knowing the characteristics of the fibers to be used is an important step to ensure the project is efficient and realistic, avoiding surprises in the deployment phase. For in-service systems, links characterization still helps to plan expansions or even to identify bottlenecks affecting the network competitiveness.

Using last generation measurement tools, Padtec network characterization experts team conduct detailed and accurate surveys of the transmission fiber main characteristics, besides checking, cleaning and replacing, when necessary, path cords and optical connectors in the site ODF and splice boxes.

Characterization and analysis of optical networks:

  • Attenuation, chromatic dispersion and PMD measures
  • Connectors cleaning and recovery
  • Critical sections location
  • Measurements analysis reports
  • Identification of offending points for expanding transmission capacity
  • Recovery actions
  • Acceptance and performance special measures

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