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BNDESPar enters Padtec’s capital

Campinas, January 28th, 2013.

BNDESPAR, a branch of equity interest from BNDES, Ideiasnet, administrators and some employees will invest R$ 167 million in Padtec S.A., through a capital increase. The resources will be directed to developing its business plan, focusing on broadening the product portfolio, expanding international activities and on acquiring companies, consolidating its leadership in the national and Latin American markets, both under continuous expansion. Padtec is a pioneer in supplying high-complexity and performance optical communications systems and devices, and it was the first Latin American manufacturer of WDM (Wavelength Digital Multiplexing) equipment. By subscribing shares, BNDESPAR joins Ideiasnet in Padtec’s corporate organization, which has held its participation in the company, as well as a group of collaborators and CPqD, main technological partner and main shareholder of the company. The operation, however, still depends on the approval by CADE (Brazilian Administrative Council for Economic Defense) in order to be achieved.

BNDES will also support the Company’s research and development plan, with the aim of developing new generations of products, through an innovation Line financing worth 28.9 million.

Padtec S/A was constituted at the end of 1999, as a business unit of the CPqD Foundation, and it became an independent company in 2001. Padtec’s insertion in the WDM broadcast systems market broke paradigms by introducing innovations and reduced prices, achieved through production and local technologies, facing the competition of European, American, Japanese and Chinese companies. In December 2004, Ideiasnet entered Padtec’s capital, which has increased since then its turnover, from R$ 9.4 million to R$ 260 MM in 2012, at an average growth rate of 50 per cent a year.

Currently, it has a product portfolio that meets mainly the demands from the major telecommunications and internet operators. The Company manufactures and markets two DWDM platforms: LightPad 1600, with total capacity for 6.4 Tb/s, and the LightPad 6400 platform, with a 8 Tb/s capacity, in addition to GPON equipment. In 2011, Padtec has its products certified together with the American company IBM and started operating also in the corporative markets of data centers, energy and utilities (SAN – storage area network). In 2012, Padtec initiated the development of products for submarine optical communications systems, and nowadays it counts on a complete line of high-capacity systems for this kind of application. The demand for Padtec’s equipment in the corporative market is natural and increasing, since the solutions for storage and safe processing of data impose duplicity of information and constant synchronism between redundant systems.

In addition to the products described, Padtec offers training services for the operation and maintenance of its products and to support optical communications networks, commissioning, provisioning and maintenance of equipment. Within its structure, there is a control center liked to the networks of its clients that works on a 24x7 basis.

Padtec currently counts on 360 collaborators, and its business plan estimates a functional framework of over 700 professionals at medium term.

Investing in Padtec will promote the development of high-complexity national technologies in an area with high demand and reduced national offer. It has a product portfolio that comprehends technical solutions in worldwide state of the art, it fully masters the technologies employed and constantly invests in innovation. The Company’s growth history based on the release of products under constant technical evolution attests its great potential for creating value.

Telecommunications operators are Padtec’s main clients and they have made relevant investments to broaden and modernize their networks. Over the last years, they have presented growing investments as a consequence of the increase in network coverage (fixed and mobile) and the deployment of 3G networks. It is estimated that over the next years even greater investments will occur, with the deployment of 4G networks.

Any media, weather it works by voice, text or image, may be digitalized and, therefore, transported in an equivalent way. Thus, the new telecommunications networks may offer any type of service. There is great growth potential for the volume of data transferred, even if we consider the technologies that are currently available to the end users. Additionally, in June 2012, Anatel held the frequencies auction for the installation of mobile networks with 4G technology (theoretical speed of up to 100 Mb/s) and all four major telecommunications operators with activities in Brazil acquired sufficient bands to expand their networks and service offers with 4G technologies.

Particularly in relation to Padtec, the fact that its products are intended exactly to broaden the traffic capacity for optical networks and, therefore, enable a broader band over the same amount of fibers, puts the Company in a privileged position.

BNDESPAR’s Entrepreneur Capital Area, responsible for the variable income operation, invests in companies from priority sectors in BNDES’ investment strategy, such as the renewable energy sector, oil and gas chain, information technology and communications, biotechnology and life sciences, second-generation ethanol and green chemistry. Currently, the Area has a portfolio of 33 companies in which it invests, among which many will be listed in the Bovespa Mais segment until 2013.


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