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Padtec receives innovation award by technology developed in Brazil

The company was awarded in two categories of Tele.Síntese’s Communications Innovation Directory.

The submarine optical repeater project and the own efforts of research and development conducted by Padtec throughout of its 15 years of existence, have just received an important acknowledgment: the  Tele.Síntese’s Communications Innovation Directory Award, granted to the company in two categories. The award ceremony, held yesterday (26/09) by Momento Editorial, also marked the 2016 edition release of the Tele.Síntese’s Directory, which was the outcome of extensive inquiry with over a hundred companies of telecommunications market in Brazil.

A jury of experts chose the most innovative products and services, in a universe of approximately 150 projects submitted, divided in five categories. Padtec was awarded as National Technology Highlight of the year and also in the Communications Product Suppliers category – in this case, with the Optical Submarine Repeater project, which is part of its complete solution for submarine networks.

“We are proud of receiving this recognition as a high-tech national company which invests in Brazilian research and development”, emphasizes Manuel Andrade, Padtec’s CEO. “The optical repeater for submarine systems developed by Padtec – in a project that started in 2012 – is an example of efforts in R&D which proved to be very promising for the company. An important step was taken when entering this market, which now provides us with a contract signed with Google, one of the world’s leading technology companies”, he adds.

In addition to the optical repeater, Padtec’s turnkey solution for submarine systems includes the equipment for the dry plant (SLTE – Submarine Line Terminal Equipment), submarine optical cables (through international partnerships) and deployment, operation and maintenance services of wet and dry plants, as well as management structure and support.