Long haul optical networks are known as backbones due to their high capacity and ability to transport traffic from several metropolitan networks. Usually, backbone networks have a linear shape topology with optical redundancy using two parallel ways to connect distant points between cities, states and countries.

LightPad i6400G platform fully suits backbones networks needs providing systems designed for 40 or 80 channels per DWDM optical band (C and L) from low rates  (10G) to Coherent 40G and 100 G transponders. Low noise figure EDFA and Raman amplifiers significantly reduce regeneration nodes amount and enhance all-optical transmission distances along with ROADM WSS, which permits channels derivation up to 9 directions for integration with other backbones and metro networks. High capacity OTN Switch, from LightPad OTS platform, can be used to different kinds of traffic (rates and protocols) aggregation and commutation in several OTN levels. The OTN Switch allows for the implementation of quality policies, traffic priorities and protection mechanisms.